The Inter Council Aboriginal Consultative Committee (ICACC) was established in 1997 by Aboriginal people and eight committed local Councils.  Today, ICACC represents Councils who are current members of the organisation and the Aboriginal communities of those member Local Government Authorities.


To support our members to achieve and enhance respect, recognition, reconciliation, equity, health and wellbeing for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people in our community.


A community where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people are recognised and respected as the first Australians and have equality in health, wellbeing, education and employment opportunities.


  • To enhance and promote Aboriginal culture, society and heritage throughout the lands and waters of the ICACC members.
  • To link Aboriginal communities to the broader community and services.
  • To identify needs and gaps in services/support for our Aboriginal communities and develop strategies to address these needs.
  • To develop partnerships which involve the Aboriginal community in decisions that affect them.
  • To contribute to, and encourage, strategic planning and policy development for the advancement of social/cultural, economic and environmental issues relevant to our Aboriginal communities.

 ICACC Councils


Formed in 1997 out of an initiative by the Municipal Association of Victoria, ICACC was established by a group of Local Government Councils, Aboriginal organisations, service providers and Aboriginal community members who came together to address issues affecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities within this region.

The ICACC secretariat was formed in 2005. Equally funded by the member Councils, the secretariat is staffed by a part-time employee who provides administrative support to the ICACC Committee and its members. The secretariat is hosted by ICACC member Councils on a two-year rotating basis.

Prestigious Wurreker Award Recognised  ICACC Contributions

ICACC is proud to have won the Local Government Employer category of the 2009 Victorian Aboriginal Education Association Wurreker Awards.

 The Wurreker Awards are held annually to recognise and celebrate Koorie individuals and organisations that have achieved outstanding results in their chosen areas.   They also acknowledge training providers and organisations that work to create positive outcomes for Indigenous individuals and communities.

 Read more about the Wurreker Awards

ICACC overview 2016

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