To achieve its strategic purpose ICACC runs activities, events and forums which can be open to the public or specifically targeted to the needs of ICACC members. The ICACC governance group has the right to veto activities based on cost and funding available.

ICACC achievements have included flag raising, cultural awareness bus tours, community forums, acknowledgement statements and school activities.

Recently cultural awareness bus tours have been run to sites in the ICACC member regions of City of Casey, City of Kingston, City of Greater Dandenong and Bass Coast Shire. The tours have been well-attended by members of the community, ICACC members, partners and stakeholders.  See previous posts with details of the tours in:

ICACC has also successfully run many Community Forums, which are an informal gathering of Aboriginal people and their stakeholders to share ideas and knowledge. They provide an opportunity for participants to liaise with local Councils, identify areas of need or concern and bring these to the attention of the ICACC Aboriginal Community Representatives and Council Officers. ICACC believes it’s important for the Aboriginal Community to network, share ideas and further develop relationships and two-way communication with local Councils.

Want to keep up-to-date with events in the ICACC region?

Click Follow on the bottom right of any ICACC web page. Provide your email address, click Sign Me Up and you’ll get an email alert when we post ICACC news on the site.

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