The Inter Council Aboriginal Consultative Committee was established in 1997 by Aboriginal people and eight committed local Councils. Today, ICACC represents Councils who are current members of the organisation and the Aboriginal communities of those member Local Government Authorities.

Governance Membership

ICACC is governed through a committee made up of:

  • One Councillor from each member Council – appointed by the member Council annually.
  • One Officer from each member Council – appointed by the member Council.
  • One Aboriginal community member from each member Council – elected by the Aboriginal community of that member Council area for a two year term of office.

The ICACC  member Councils are:

General Membership & Benefits

ICACC is funded through contributions of member Councils and those Councils join ICACC to ensure benefits to their community. Where a Council is a member of ICACC, this enables members of the Aboriginal community of that area and other organisations based in that Local Government area to participate in, and benefit from, the activities of ICACC.

As well as the governance group, ICACC membership can include:

  • Relevant representative Aboriginal/non Aboriginal community organisations from the member Council areas (e.g. health services).
  • Representatives from State organisations, either based in or representing the communities of member Councils (e.g. Local Police).
  • Elders, youth or leaders from the Aboriginal community of member Councils.

General members contribute to decision making on projects and activities ICACC may initiate or support. They may provide in kind support to projects. They will be able to tap into the expertise and networks of ICACC, to seek information and support the ICACC Mission, Vision and Values.

Local Government Liaison Group (LGLG)

Essentially the LGLG is the committee that is the working group for ICACC. It ensures events and activities are organised, addresses needs, establishes priorities, seeks funding for ICACC projects, reports back to members and the community on issues and developments, disseminates information and advocates on needs.

The LGLG committee meets quarterly, hosted by ICACC Councils on a rotating basis. LGLG meetings are open to members and invited guests only.  They are closed to the general public. Other ICACC events are open to the public and will be advertised on the website. 


There are two Co-Chairs of the LGLG committee, who are each elected for a two-year period. The Aboriginal Co-Chair is elected from the Aboriginal Community Representatives. The other Co-Chair is a Local Government Councillor, who is elected on the alternating year to the Aboriginal Co-Chair.

Aboriginal Community Representatives

  • Must be 18 years or older.
  • Must identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander.
  • Must have a connection to the community they represent.
  • Are elected for a 2 year period.
  • Attend 4 committee meetings per year (meetings held on a rotating basis by member Councils and usually at 10:00 AM on a Thursday).
  • Will accept, adopt and commit to the ICACC Terms of Reference.

ICACC Terms of Reference

The ICACC Terms of Reference have additional governance information, including decision making and meetings:  ICACC Terms of Reference Adopted 10-Dec-15

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